Changsha, Hunan China


They're Here!

As a gate crasher, I got to go down stairs and wait for the babies to arrive.  All the parents had to remain upstairs.  Here are the babies as they got out of the cars and proceeded into the lobby and up the elevator.  To view the pictures, simply click on the thumbnail photo and it will become larger.


they're here.jpg (61404 bytes)   theyrehere2.jpg (71408 bytes)  they'rehere3.jpg (84266 bytes)  they'rehere4.jpg (72942 bytes) The first 3 babies to arrive


And a family is born

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Hannah was the next to arrive.......


hannahshere1.jpg (76169 bytes)  hannahshere2.jpg (74832 bytes)  hannahshere3.jpg (66610 bytes)  hannahshere4.jpg (59928 bytes) hannahshere5.jpg (63510 bytes)


The newest Sneed


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The Sneed's!


theSneeds.jpg (60522 bytes)


Other new families, mama's and papa's


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Hannah's first smiles, we spent a lot time in the play area! 

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Hannah's first bath, getting checked out by the doctor and other candid shots


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