The Thompson Trio is made up of me (Karen) and my two daughters, Julie and Charlie.  I put this web site together for several reasons.  The first is so our family and friends can easily follow our adventures as we move to China and I won’t have to write 30,000 emails every day to our loved ones back home.  Those that wish can just tune in here.  The second is for the adoption community.  When I was in the process of adopting my two daughters, I was sooooo hungry for information and personal stories of others who had adopted from China, I felt compelled to share our story.  The Journey for Julie is the story of adopting my oldest daughter Julie.  Charlie’s Story is the story of my youngest daughter and our travels in Kunming.  The third reason is to provide links to other “Life in China” or “Chinese Adoption” sites.



Julie and Charlie in their Bai Ethnic Costumes