Adoption Links

Lisa McClure's web site.  This is probably the most inclusive adoption web site on the internet.  She has it all, links to every adoption story that's out there, many links for sites on finding teaching jobs in China and her own experience on living in Jinzhou.

Chinese Children Adoption International.  This was the adoption agency I used for both of my girl's adoptions.  They were wonderful!


Teaching and living in China This is a web site with many teaching jobs.  I like it because it has "old" jobs listed not just ones posted in the past month.  It also lists jobs by provences.  This is a web site of current openings in China as well as other countries This is a web site of current China teaching jobs. It is sometimes hard to navigate though.


Dave's esl cafe.  Another web site dedicated to finding teaching jobs.  His are world wide.  Also has a page where you can read about other's teaching experiences both good and bad.


Sincerelytonee. This web site belongs to my friend Tonee who is currently teaching in Zhengzhou at a university there.  She posts weekly updates about her adventures there.


Jinzhou weather forcast.  Want to know the weather in Jinzhou, well it will tell you here. You can also use it to navigate to find the weather in other places as well.