Christmas 2001


We got up at 6:00.....can you say "alarm clock Charlie!"  Santa had visited us!


Santa'sVisit.jpg (40469 bytes)  santa1.jpg (47262 bytes)  santa2.jpg (32004 bytes)

He brought the girls scooters, doctor kits, "imported" candy canes and baskets for Ester and Omies things.


doctorcharlie.jpg (62452 bytes) I love this picture of my daughter the doctor!


After playing with the toys Santa had brought us we started opening our other presents.

opening1.jpg (38495 bytes) opening2.jpg (38755 bytes) opening3.jpg (33950 bytes) Mama and that darn tape!


opening4.jpg (54520 bytes) Oh boy "Candy Land!"  opening5.jpg (30050 bytes) Oh these are soooo warm.


opening6.jpg (67660 bytes) I want to put on my new clothes NOW! opening7.jpg (43031 bytes) Julie in her new clothes.


opening8.jpg (35454 bytes) Yummy, gummy candy!  opening9.jpg (49840 bytes) We LOVE stickers


piano1.jpg (27782 bytes) What did Nanny get us? piano2.jpg (33083 bytes) It's a piano


piaonplaying.jpg (64230 bytes) My future concert pianists!


opening10.jpg (48105 bytes) Aunt Linda always packs in funny boxes opening11.jpg (35368 bytes) cd's for our new players


opening12.jpg (43990 bytes) Oh boy gel pens, Charlie has already been grounded from hers, she wrote on the sofa.


opening13.jpg (40852 bytes) Disney Princess music, yippee opening14.jpg (31263 bytes) What could this be?????


opening15.jpg (41658 bytes) Charlie got an elephant, I got a pig!

opening16.jpg (45268 bytes) paper for our gel pens, I guess Charlie forgot about it when she decided to write on the couch.


jumprope1.jpg (76532 bytes) I got a jump rope! themess.jpg (69758 bytes) The Mess! cleaningup.jpg (100418 bytes) Cleaning it all up!


Playing with mama.....Say ahhhhh sayahhh.jpg (39101 bytes)


We miss all of you and wish you were here (or we were there) but we had a great Christmas and hope ya'll have one too.  Hopefully this will let you share a little of ours.