China or Bust

We're officially beginning the count down to China.  The girls are really getting excited, although I've heard Charlie say she wants to stay with Nanny (I think Nanny put her up to this ;>0  )  I'm slowly but surely getting the little things done that have to be taken care of before leaving.  I've got a couple of sewing projects I wanted to complete and a stained glass lamp to finish.  Getting this list set up was one of the things I wanted to get done (so I can check this off my list!).  My car is now sitting on a car lot in Mannford (near Lake Keystone) maybe one of those boater types will want it for it's towing ability.  I hope it sells soon so my Visa wont resemble the national debt.  Oh I wanted to lose 30 pounds before we left too  HA HA HA HA HA, (needless to say that one isn't anywhere near being met)  I've found a bargain spot to purchase our plane tickets but I want to wait until I have our official letters of invitation before purchasing the tickets.  I think we'll probably fly United, I'd thought about one of the Chinese airlines but listening to American voices over the airplane intercom is easier (you know, gate information etc) that and I'd rather eat American airline food.  I've made several "essential" purchases to take with us, you know those things you can't live without like a two year supply of dental floss, razor blades and shaving cream  oh yes and 75 packages of Kool Aid for the girls.  These are things I understand are not available in all areas of China.  I'll be stocking up on coffee just before leaving (I even bought one of those little 4 cup Mr. Coffees and 400 coffee filters!)