Kites Kites and more Kites

All of our kites are imported from Weifang China, the kite capital of the world.  They are made of bamboo and hand painted silk, with the exception of the sail boat which is bamboo and nylon. To view a larger photo of the kite simply double click on the image.


We annually donate the first 10% of our profit's to Chinese Children Adoption International's children's charity fund, a charity that benefits the orphan's in China.


The Butterfly's  

Four Wing Butterfly's $17.00

    butterflyblue.jpg (64515 bytes)  butterflygreen.jpg (56762 bytes)  butterflypink.jpg (60588 bytes) 

Double Wing Butterfly's $14.00

  Moth.jpg (49757 bytes)       


**The Dragons**

The Large Dragon's $17.00

dragonblue.jpg (41561 bytes)   dragonred.jpg (39050 bytes)  dragongreen.jpg (36605 bytes)


The Small Dragon's $14.00

dragonsmall.jpg (41478 bytes)


The Dragonfly's  $10.00

dragonfly's.jpg (39024 bytes) 


The Long Dragon $25.00

This kite is over 8 feet long and comes in it's own special box!

dragon1.jpg (48016 bytes)  dragonbox.jpg (95041 bytes)



**The Fish**

Large Koi  $17.00

Small Koi $12.00

multikoi.jpg (72798 bytes) 


Catfish  $17.00

catfish1.jpg (46880 bytes)  catfish2.jpg (63263 bytes)


**The Birds**

The Bald Eagle  $17.00

This has been one of our best sellers, quantities are extremely limited. 

baldeagle.jpg (55063 bytes)


The Brown Eagle $17.00

browneagle.jpg (38597 bytes)


The Parrot $15.00

parrot1.jpg (38018 bytes)


The Owl $16.00

owl.jpg (36770 bytes)


The Phoenix  $17.00

phoenix.jpg (43160 bytes)


The Peacock $25.00

The peacock was designed by us and is a beautiful piece of artwork, however it will not fly.  Quantities are extremely limited.

Peacock.jpg (46497 bytes)

The Bats  $14.00


batred.jpg (25894 bytes)  batpink.jpg (26103 bytes)



**Artwork Kites**

Lotus blossom  $25.00

lotus.jpg (33128 bytes)


Flower with moth $25.00

flower.jpg (30122 bytes)


The Monkey King $25.00


monkeyking.jpg (79091 bytes)


**Nylon Kites**

The Ship  $25.00

This kite has been another great seller and we only have a few remaining.

ship.jpg (84997 bytes)


For most kites the shipping and handling is as follows: $6.00 for 1 to 3 kites, $12.00 for 4 to 6 kites, $18.00 for 7 to 9 kites.  The Ship, the eagles, the peacock and the artwork kites ship for $8.00 each.   Missouri and Oklahoma residents need to add 8% sales tax.  We accept Visa, Master Card and personal checks.  This is NOT a secure web site, please do NOT send any credit card information to us via email.

  Wholesale opportunities are available.


To order kites or pearls simply call (or email us with your phone number and we will return your call) us at 816-873-9833 email: 


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