Our New Digs


In December 2001 (on the 23rd to be specific) we moved into our new apartments.  For us it wasn't a moment too soon. In the new building our apartments are twice as big and everything is new and CLEAN.  No more stained beyond sinks and bath tubs...in fact we don't have bath tubs.  

This is part of the living room, notice the nice new CLEAN wooden floors!  Now that we have clean floors I got the girl's dress-up play clothes out...one of their favorite things to play with.  Also there is room for Julie and Charlie's doll beds and clothes. Here is the other side of the living room. You'll notice my handy dandy coffee pot on the desk along with my laptop.  Two of the most important items I brought with me to Jinzhou.  Since I've taken these pictures we've gotten brand new 26" televisions with really nice tv stands and new desks.


Part of the bedroom...like you couldn't tell from the bed.  Be sure and notice the air conditioner in the upper right corner..it's a life saver!  We all share the king size bed, just like at home.  This picture was taken from the doorway looking into the bedroom.  After I took it I noticed how nice and neat I keep my room...NOT.  Behind the wardrobe is the new big bathroom.  The washing machine even fits in it, no more doing laundry in the doorway, trying to squeeze through to turn on the water. The front wardrobe is the one I went on the scavenger hunt for...it holds the girls clothes. 


If you will notice there is not a picture of the bathroom..you may wonder why...well think about it, three females sharing a bathroom, it's NEVER neat.  It's your basic Chinese bathroom, western toilet, sink and hand held shower with a big drain in the floor.  I bought a huge plastic tub so the girls can take baths though.


Our new kitchen, it has hot water too (the one in the guest house didn't...doing dishes there was a pain!)  Below is our dining room, we also have refrigerators in each of our apartments.