This past weekend we discovered the zoo.  I rode my bike (which ALWAYS    draws stares from the locals) over after getting directions.  The zoo here is not very big and in many ways quite different from the zoo's I've visited back home.  For instance in the tiger enclosure there is an area that's very similar to the zoo in Tulsa, but the tiger was in a cage right beside it and if you wanted you could jump the fence around the cage and stick your fingers in it.  It was the same with the lions.  There were some young boys that had jumped the fence and were poking the lioness in the cage with a stick.  It really pissed me off that they would do this and I told my friends who went with us I thought it was an awful thing to do, then I glared at the boys.  They kind of backed off for a minute until I left the area.  Then at the area where the bears were, people were tossing them oranges and potato chips.  I was impressed that one bear never missed catching the food that was tossed but at the same time I though that would never happen back home (at least in the few zoo's I've been to, the zoo keepers are picky about their animal's diets)  I was told they had a Panda bear at this zoo, but one of the attendants said the Panda had just had a baby and therefore wasn't on display. We'll have to go back when the baby grows up a little.  After viewing the animals we let the girls ride a few of the rides at the zoo.  It only costs 2 yuan for adults to get in the zoo and children are free, but then they get you with the rides.  Each of them cost 2 yuan.  The favorite was the trampoline.  It was also the best bargain.  For 2 yuan each, my daughters got to jump and play on the trampoline for as long as they wanted.  I think they stayed in there for about 45 minutes (and did they ever sleep good that night)  I'm sure the zoo and park will become one of our favorite places to visit.

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